Pillars of Enoch

Based in Cumberland County and covers 20th, 22nd, 23rd and 24th Masonic Districts. Pillars of Enoch, PO Box 211, Richland, NJ 08350

Meets 2nd Sunday

2020 Officers

President: John “Ironside” Barrett
Vice President: Nick “Sandman” Incandela
Treasurer:  Eddie “Bronco” Bauer
Secretary: Rob “Nice” Lane

Sergeant-at-Arms: Karl “Skull” Bockish

Guardian of Membership:  James “Corky” Corcoran

Past Presidents: Eddie “Bronco” Bauer(2016) Rob “Nice” Lane(2017) Karl “Skull” Bockish(2018) Tony “Tinman” Fazio(2019) Dan “Chief ” Hughes (2020)

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